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Friday, November 6, 2009

Sensational part found near devghat in Chitwan

This is the true pic of CHitwan devghat also known as Aryaghat. The skull of a human being was found here on 2009 12th july by police.
According to the locals it is said that near the river some 4-5 old women comes and starts to dance by lightning fire in their body.
It was hard to believe it, but was true.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dhapasi- Haunted By Spirits....

This is a place Situated in Dhapasi, Basundhara.
This is a tank used to store water.But No one goes there at night time, because it is said that some spirit of man roams around the water tank at night.

According to local people, a man was killed there brutally. He was first robbed and then later was thrown inside the water tank and locked it from outside.

You can hardly imagine how do we feel when we are locked inside the tank full of water
Perhaps It is one of the haunted places in Kathmandu...........

Now the water has dried up, and tank looks somewhat like this from inside...

This Is the way to that tank, where most of the people do not even think to look at night time.

Scary Raniban

The Picture above is taken at daytime, because nobody dares to go there at night time.
It is said that some unusual sounds are heard at the night time, some even say that they frequently hear a woman crying but when they go and look, they find nothing. It might be linked to the previous incident which had taken place here.

According to police, a girl was raped and murdered there, after the 2 days of incident the murderer was found hanged on the same tree(Pic Above).

We didn't believe it, but when we were on the way to the jungle to take some pic , the locals forbade us to go there, and they might not take any responsibility if something unexpected happens.But we were wrong and they were right. we experience the same kind of things they had told and even heard some strange sounds, and we could not move our feet forward so we returned back.

Its hard to believe, but it's true.
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